Kevin Federline and the boys are featured in this week’s issue of OK! Australia magazine.

Kevin’s girlfriend, Victoria Prince, was also included in the shoot. And yesterday, December 2, was her birthday as well. But she doesn’t get a special happy birthday wish from Britney fans just because she’s, uh… in the picture!

Kevin opens up about Britney’s budding relationship with agent Jason Trawick, the boys’ possible singing careers and his weight.


Are you happy to see Britney in love again?
Yeah, I’m totally happy for her. That’s all I want… you want your children’s mother to be happy. It’s great.

Are Preston and Jayden showing signs of being little rappers of performers?
They love dancing it’s in their blood. It’s so funny they’ll go around the house and they try to breakdance. They imitate their mother a lot because they’ve been to the shows it’s really funny to watch. I mean they’re kids and they’re like a sponge it’s interesting to watch them come into their own little characters.

You’ve done a lot in your 31 years including dancing for Michael Jackson. What’s your proudest achievement?
For me my children are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Unless you have children you don’t really know. When my daughter was born that was it, I knew that I was gonna have more children. I just knew it. My parents had raised me so well and my whole life completely changed whenever I had children.

When did you first notice the weight creeping up?
A couple of years ago I could tell my metabolism was slowing down and it’s just like my stomach was growing and growing on a daily basis (laughs). Getting’ out of control. We were in Miami a couple of months ago and they [paparazzi] got a picture of me with my shirt off at the pool and when I saw that I was just like, WOW.

Hopefully this exclusive interview and shoot can pay Kevin’s rent for the next few months!



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