The “alleged” in the title will save me later.

I’m pretty sure Star Magazine has been reading BreatheHeavy lately; they stole my “Kevin smokes a lot of weed and now only dates ******” digs! Not that it wasn’t completely obvious before…

Kevin is doing his best at trying to raise Sean Preston and Jayden James as “normal” as possible. But sources tell Star Magazine, “is that his definition of a ‘normal’ life includes partying with hookers, smoking pot and spending wild, booze-filled nights in Las Vegas!”

“Kevin loves his sons dearly, but he isn’t always the model dad that he wants to appear to be,” says a family source, adding “Kevin’s been trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes! He acts like he’s the father of the year, but he’s far from it. Behind the scenes, he’s a pot-smoking slacker who doesn’t have a job but still goes out of town to party for days and leaves his boys in the care of their nanny, Jenny. She’s amazing, but sometimes it’s a lot for her to handle…”

Pulling the wool over our eyes? That must be the shittiest, most transparent wool I’ve ever seen!

“Kevin loves smoking weed and spends hours getting high and playing video games with his buddies,” the insider tells Star. The family source adds that Kevin is careful never to smoke it when he’s around Sean and Jayden. How thoughtful! He just teaches them the F word in stead!

“He loves **** hookers and regularly parties with them at his home in L.A.”

I think I’m going to close the article with that statement above again; it’s just too classic: “He loves **** hookers and regularly parties with them at his home in L.A.”

“Let’s get somethin to smoke. Poor me a glass of privilege to wet my throat.” Alright, couldn’t resist.

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