Kesha’s Next ‘Rainbow’ Track “Learn To Let Go” Reportedly Out On Thursday

Another hit.

Kesha says she can’t wait to release her new material, and fans won’t have to wait long.

Word on the street is that her next Rainbow cut is “Learn To Let Go” and premieres on Thursday (July 27). The Guardian quotes Kesha as describing “Learn To Let Go” as a track about a friend’s “beyond ****** up” childhood.

A 30-second preview of the song hit the net ahead of schedule. I can’t point you in the right direction, but it’s an uplifting mid-tempo jam about overcoming life’s many obstacles.

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“I think it’s time to practice what I preach / Exorcise the demons inside me,” she sings. “Gotta learn to let go / The past can’t haunt me if I don’t let it / Live and learn and never forget it / Gotta learn to let go.”

Some Animals think it sounds like an old school Avril Lavigne track (that’s a compliment).

We’ll have to wait until the full thing drops, but it sounds like Kesha’s three for three.

UPDATE: Kesha confirmed the track on Instagram. “Learn to Let Go…. it’s my motto,” she writes. “i can’t hold onto upsetting things, trauma, ********, mean comments, things out of my control. It’s has helped me heal, both my mind and my body, and has taken my battered heart back to where it feels ✨childlike and gold again. i have hope in my heart…. i love you animals? i really really hope you love this song too.”

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