Kesha’s “Independent Woman” is coming.

Kesha’s “Independent Woman” is coming. 

Last month, BreatheHeavy reported that the pop star’s next Rainbow single was “Learn To Let Go.” The BBC listed it in their monthly-updated radio playlist.

Soon afterward, Kesha began performing it more than any other song off the album. It seemed promising, but according to a radio host who met Kesha this week, it’s actually “Woman.”

What about “Learn?” Don’t worry… it’s getting some love, too. If we are to believe the Internet (THE INTERNET NEVER LIES), it’s the European single choice.

Now you’re probably wondering… ‘why EITHER of these?’ Great question. I’m wondering that myself. Both songs were released ages ago with music videos. I’m curious to see how Kesha will revive new life into the tracks.

Personally, I think it’s time to release a less familiar song. My selections are “Hunt You Down” and/or “Let Em Talk” featuring the Eagles of Death Metal. I know it’s winter time, so a ballad could be appropriate (“Old Flames” with Dolly Parton would honestly be super sweet), but my holidays could use a little heat.

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