Kesha’s New Year’s Resolution In 2017: Less Internet

January 4, 2017 By Jordan Miller

But, then… how can she read BreatheHeavy?

New year, new Kesha.

As an Internet blogger, there’s a constant digital cloud hanging over my head begging for me to check for breaking news.

Perhaps Camila Cabello will post more bikini photos! Check the Internet.

Maybe Ariana Grande will like our story about her next single off Dangerous Woman! Check the Internet.

Will Britney share another handstand yoga photo? Check the Internet.

Squirrel? Check the Internet.

So when Kesha opened up to fans in a brief message on the Internet, about wanting to stay off the Internet, it hit home.

First, she apologized to those she unfollowed (she only follows eight people now). Then admits she needs to “focus on how I FEEL and AM on the inside.”

“I’m not disappearing, just trying to be less obsessed with the Internet,” she said. “I have been reading about the emotional effects of social media and it seems that it may help my anxiety and depression if I am more present. less screens. less internet. life is one big experiment. let’s see how it goes.”

About six hours later, she posted another photo completely unrelated. The Internet is the Millennial addiction.

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