Kesha’s New Song “Hymn For The Hymnless” Is On Its Way

July 25, 2017 By Jordan Miller

For the outsiders.

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Not the cool kid in school? Kesha’s got just the song for you.

It’s titled “Hymn For The Hymnless,” a track about feeling like an outside. According to the pop star, it should be out soon. “Coming soon are many things, amongst them is a song called hymn for the hymn less,” she wrote on Instagram. “[It’s] a song for anyone who ever didn’t have a squad or a group or a place- or a hymn.” She adds: “it’s for all of us because you guys are my family and this can be our hymn !!! love all my animals !!!! i hope you love all the surprises coming soon.”

Fans were under the impression the track would debut last week, but alas… the Internet is a terribly wild and unpredictable place. Let’s hope “Hymn” hits this week.

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