Kesha’s New Album Has “Weird Country” & Songs About “Stuff”

February 19, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Kesha's New Album Has "Weird Country" & Songs About "Stuff"

Kesha explores fashion but more importantly her new sound.

She’s retired the dollar sign in her name, and with that her old persona of grunge and do-it-yourself outfits. The Kesha Rose campaign is in full swing.

Stopping by Yahoo Style this week, Kesha admits she’s never attended a fashion show in her life, so to make up for lost time she hit up nine shows in six days. Expect to see high fashion in Kesha’s next era which starts sooner than later!

“I’ve been working on new music for months now – like obsessing in the studio all night – so I have a lot of new music, but it’s been all over the place. Some it’s been weird country, talking about… can I curse?” The hosts awkwardly laugh before a buzzer signifies a blatant no. “Well, it’s about… stuff.”

I’m sorry what’d she say? Weird country?

Kesha's New Album Has

She adds, “and then I have love songs, so it’s all over the place. I’m still kind of compiling my record.”

Earlier this week, Kesha revealed she’s co-written a lot of the record from her recent personal experiences.

“I’ve been writing about everything I’ve been going through. You’ll definitely hear about it on my next record… I feel really empowered. I’m loving myself and I’m standing up for myself now.”

Thoughts on Kesha’s new look?