Plus, listen to Kesha perform at an Oceana event and sing to her cat, because naturally.

Kesha's Mom Urges Fans To Picket Outside Sony Offices

Kesha sings here and there while her legal battle against Dr. Luke rages on.

Kesha can’t release new music while she remains locked down in her contract with producer Dr. Luke, whom she’s suing for sexual assault and battery, but it hasn’t stopped the “We R Who We R” songstress from picking up singing gigs here and there. Last week, Kesha stopped by an Oceana event (an advocacy non-profit organization which focuses on water/beach quality) to sing a cover of the Beach Boys’ “God Only Knows.”

She posted on Twitter: “Sang one of my favorite songs at an @Oceana event this week – “God Only Knows” @TheBeachBoys”

Dr. Luke’s team believes Kesha is suing him for the aforementioned so she’ll be free to release music elsewhere. Unfortunately, there’s money to be made and Dr. Luke isn’t playing along; he’s countersuing her for defamation. This means Kesha can’t put forth her much-anticipated album until all of this is resolved, and her mom Pebe Sebert is none too pleased about it.

She took to Twitter to urge fans to picket Sony, saying “Where are all the people who saw what was happening? They were sure there when they might make $$ off her! Sheep.” The pop star’s mother continued, “Where are all the other artists who know the truth? From their own experience? “Kesha’s passion has been taken away from her. You could help. You know who you are. But what’s in it for you to do ‘THE RIGHT THING’? You guys could go picket for Kesha’s freedom outside the Sony buildings in NYC, Japan, Germany, etc!”

Kesha said this year, “I’ve been writing about everything I’ve been going through,” Kesha said earlier this year. “You’ll definitely hear about it on my next record. “I feel really empowered. I’m loving myself and I’m standing up for myself now.”

“I will release new music as soon as I possibly can animals. As soon as I ******* can.”

So in the mean time… here’s a new video of Kesha singing to her cat.