According to Pebe Sebert, if she doesn’t remove her name from the “Timber” credits, none of the song’s writers will get paid.


UPDATE: It appears Kesha is Tweeting from her mom’s account, not Pebe. We’re not entirely sure.

The war between Kesha and Dr. Luke rages on.

Kesha was meant to appear New York City courthouse last month to defend her sexual assault case against the famed producer in front of a judge. Her hope was they’d dissolve the binding contract she’s under with Luke’s Sony imprint Kemosabe Records to continue putting forth new music, but due to snow storm Jonas, she was unable to attend and is now rescheduled for later this month. Things take a turn for the worse today (Feb. 2) when Kesha’s mom Pebe Sebert claims Luke is demanding she remove her name from the writing credits on the Billboard No. 1 song “Timber,” or he won’t pay the song’s 14 other co-writers (which also includes Kesha and Pitbull).

Wait… it took 15 people to write “Timber?”

She says, “Dr Luke is trying to BLACKMAIL ME, into taking my name off “Timber” as a songwriter, by blocking all 16 writers from being paid. NOW, 2 years since TIMBER was a hit , my punishment for “TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT HIM”, is to be responsible for everyone not being paid! Or, I can just agree to have my name removed as a songwriter, so he will pay the other 15 writers! I feel really bad for the other writers, but I am not going to keep being his victim! The truth is all I have.”

Ahead of her court date last month, Kesha shared a cover of “Amazing Grace” and told fans “I can’t put out new music, but I can sing a little something of someone else’s songs.”

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