“It was worth putting up with her complete insanity when she was a big money earner. It’s def not now.”

“It was worth putting up with her complete insanity when she was a big money earner. It’s def not now.”

Each week, Kesha and Dr. Luke’s lawsuit worsens. To recap, the producer asked a judge to add a defamation clause against the pop star in his suit because of text messages she sent to Lady Gaga. The text said another recording artist was “raped by the same man,” but did not specifically state his name. Luke’s legal team says it’s clear he’s the one being referred to. In response, Kesha’s legal team filed papers asserting Luke has a “vendetta against Kesha” and is blocking her from releasing new music and is withholding owed payments. Then in a counterclaim, Dr. Luke claimed the opposite – that Kesha owes him $1.3 million in royalties.

Kesha hit back by releasing past emails between Dr. Luke and Kesha’s manager Monica Cornia where he criticizes her weight during the peak of her eating disorder. In turn, Dr. Luke’s legal team issued a response claiming the emails were taken out of context. “Rather than agree to a thorough disclosure, Kesha and her representatives improperly publicized, without Court permission, three out-of-context emails which do not present the full picture regarding the events they concern,” Luke’s lawyers wrote in a statement.

The producer’s legal team took things a step further by filing emails sent between Kesha’s internal team in 2010 that label the singer “a wild child,” “mental,” “abusive,” “crazy” and “nuts.” They also allege she’s on drugs.

In one email from road manager Emily Burton titled “Today so far – help!” sent on May 31, 2010, she described getting screamed at by the singer. BuzzFeed reports:

“She came downstairs (45 minutes late) and pulled me out of the van to scream at me while sobbing saying ‘there is a time and place and it isn’t 7:30 in the morning!” Burton wrote. “I need y’all to help me here. At least talk to her. I know she is crazy but she is also abusive and ignorant of my role…She can be such a kid but a kid off her rocker is the worst kind of kid.” Burton signed the mail, “Help. How can I get out of here sooner than was planned?”

In another email from Burton titled “Heads rolling,” her road manager described immediate staff changes Kesha wanted made to her band, writing, “K$ now in a really cut throat mood.”

Jack Rovner, co-president of Vector Management, responded: “she really sounds like someone who is doing drugs. so erratic. a couple of hours all is going well now she wants to dump the whole lot. this doesn’t feel right even with kesha standards,”

Another member of Kesha’s management team responds: “she is is nuts.”

Kesha’s manager, Nicki Loranger, later wrote to Rovner about needing “to have a larger conversation with you about Kesha” and how the singer “abuses the **** out of [Tessa, Kesha’s personal assistant], but it is totally not working.”

“She can’t control Kesha at all, everyone in the crew and band are calling me complaining, Kesha’s basically just gone rogue,” Loranger wrote.

Rovner said “it was worth putting up with her complete insanity when she was a big money earner,” but added, “it’s def not now.”

Dr. Luke also included emails he personally sent to Kesha at the time following discussions with her management that she should head back to rehab for a “tune up.”

“I know you said you looked like a lesbo but i disagree – you looked radiant and beautiful,” Luke wrote to Kesha. “You’re doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing right now. You’re actualizing your dreams. I’m proud of you and love you very much! xo L.”

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