Kesha’s Court Date Delayed To February Due To “Weather”

January 25, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Kesha’s fans organizing the Free Kesha protest outside the courthouse will have to wait until Feb. 19, too.


Where there’s smoke there’s fire… or snow.

Kesha’s big court date slated for Jan. 26 where she’d find out the fate of her career was pushed back until February 19, the singer confirms. She cites travel problems due to snow storm Jonas as the reason why, but we’re not convinced. Her fans even began organizing a protest outside the courthouse to promote the Free Kesha campaign, but that, too, was foiled. She said: “I love everyone. Thank you for your support. Due to travel problems with the weather it’s been postponed until 2/19.”

Come Feb. 19, if the judge overseeing Kesha’s case grants her request to dissolve the contract she’s bound by Dr. Luke’s Kemosabe Records, she’s free to release new music. However, if a judge denies the motion, Kesha will remain stuck in musical prison and must drop future tunes under her alleged sexual abuser’s guidance until she’s completed three more studio albums.

Over the weekend, the “Blow” singer shared a video message singing “Amazing Grace” because “I can’t put out new music, but I can sing a little something of someone else’s songs,” she says.

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