Kesha posts a new photo with the caption: “new song?”

Kesha Performs Medley Of Songs At Intimate Concert

Kesha reveals an ominous tone for her next record.

Expect an eclectic style on Kesha’s upcoming album she’s worked on for months. She admitted several months ago the LP was a bit “all over the place,” and included “weird country” and love songs. We can now add psychedelic(?) to the list. She posted a song title on Instagram on Wednesday (June 10) that said “Child of the Moon” with the caption, “new song? hmmmm.”

new song? hmmmm

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Considering the disturbing developments in Kesha’s life over the past year, it sounds like this album will cover her recent soul searching rather the typical drunk party anthems she’s known for. Perhaps “Child of the Moon” is her reincarnation as a lone wolf, fending off predators she faces in her recent reality. Whatever the case may be, it is surely a personal release for the “We R Who We R” singer.

“I’ve been writing about everything I’ve been going through,” Kesha said earlier this year. “You’ll definitely hear about it on my next record. “I feel really empowered. I’m loving myself and I’m standing up for myself now.”

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