Kesha takes shots at oppressive rich, white, straight men.

The Trump administration is destroying the environment, abolishing the rights of women & people in the LGBTQ community and further dividing our social classes. Basically, promoting hate and bigotry. Kesha wrote a song about it appropriately titled “Rich, White, Straight, Men,” which will hopefully get people talking.

Over quirky production, Kesha sings about the many issues plaguing our country, like healthcare, gay marriage, immigrants, abortion and more. “What if rich, white, straight men didn’t rule the world anymore?,” she sings. It’s an important question, but don’t hold your breath if you expect one of these rich, straight, white men in power to answer it.

What’s particularly interesting about this tune is that it isn’t a sweeping ballad like most politically-charged songs are. It’s bizarre, but then again so is the current climate. The singer said she doesn’t “know where [“Rich, White, Straight, Men” is] gonna go or what it’s gonna be on, but I don’t want it to just sit on my computer.”

Listen below:

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