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Kesha Performs Bob Dylan’s “It Ain’t Me, Babe” At The 2016 Billboard Music Awards

Watch Kesha’s moving performance now.


Kesha made her first televised performance since her ongoing legal battle at the BBMAs.

Kesha covered Bob Dylan’s 1964 track “It Ain’t Me, Babe” and gave a moving performance in her first major appearance in years.

After Dr. Luke temporarily cancelling the performance days ago, the support for the singer felt even greater when watching the audience’s reaction to her television comeback.

The stripped back set put the spotlight on Kesha alone, forcing the attention on her impressive vocals and the lyrics she was singing as a reminder of her genuine musical talent amidst her current personal troubles.

Kesha performed her Zedd collaboration “True Colors” at Coachella in April and a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Til It Happens To You” at the Humane Society Gala earlier this month, although these were not officially filmed for the world to watch.

Watch Kesha’s brave performance below:

Afterward, Kesha performed a heartfelt message for fans on Instagram:

I’m so grateful for tonight and for the @billboardmusicawards_ for allowing me to sing. it’s my form of prayer. it my therapy. it literally reaches the untouched corners of my soul. thank you for having me. ???? I have so much gratitude ???? thank you so ******* much to my fans I have you to thank for tonight. thank you for having my back in a way no one ever has before. ugh so emotional….❤️ love u

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