Kesha’s on the run.

#Kesha released a new song and video for “Raising Hell,” featuring Big Freedia, the first single off her forthcoming album, High Road.

The song is upbeat and vibrant, a welcome contrast to her previous lead single, “Praying,” off Rainbow, which found the singer caught in a self-reflective dilemma in the midst of a nasty sexual assault lawsuit with producer Dr. Luke. “Raising Hell” is a needed change of pace for both Animals and Kesha.

On it, Kesha sings about causing trouble, but laces the lyrics with religious symbolism. The video finds her preaching a sermon to blind supporters who take her word as gospel. Meanwhile, a blonde Kesha finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage to an abusive husband whom she accidentally kills defending herself from during domestic dispute. That leads to a resurgence (a brunette Kesha) and a life on the run. But, that can only last for so long…

Watch the new “Raising Hell” video below, then let us know what you think about it in the comments!


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  1. 2020 is going to be a little like 2011…kesha, adele, rihanna, gaga…possibly katy πŸ˜†. I wish I could say Brit will be in the mix. I need new work out bangerz from Kesha.

  2. Yes! Finally! Is there anyway Kesha can pull a Gaga and rerelease an album without original tracks? If so let’s rerelease rainbow and delete all songs from the original, I had to delete that album from my music too depressing. I want old Ke$ha back upgraded!

      1. Too depressing for Kesha. Kesha is not versatile like Gaga/ Rihanna able to fill upbeat and mellow music. Kesha is uplifting and best when she does pop music. It was a decent album good try but I want my upbeat Kesha to lift me up 🀩!

  3. I feel like I’m being so negative about all the releases this week but I don’t want to fool myself. This is NOT the sound that I was expecting when she said she’s going back to her roots. I mean, the song’s not bad but hello people… this is RAINBOW 2.0. The sound, the horns, the live band instrumentation is basically Rainbow. I thought she’s gonna give us the Tik Toks and the Die Youngs and the Timbers. πŸ˜ͺ I’m sooo tired.

    1. That **** didn’t age well and I am glad she is mixing both – her attitude and don’t give a **** attitude is there so we should appreciate that. Also, timber was trash in a bad way and a low in her career.

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