Kesha embraces her inner animal.

Kesha released a new song and video for “My Own Dance.” It’s the second release from the singer’s forthcoming album, High Road, out January 10, 2020.

On it, Kesha refuses to conform to the ideals people have placed upon her.

“Well, the internet called and it wants you back / But could you kinda rap and not be so sad?” **** it,” Kesha sings over a hard-hitting beat and opera-style background vocals.

She won’t be your party girl puppet nowadays, but the irony is she relays the message through a party song.

“What’s a girl to do? What’s a girl to do? / Everybody, get out your nasty moves / So let’s talk some **** and pour some booze, **** it / What’s a girl to do? Is this what you want? **** you.”

Check it out below, then let us know what you think in the comments!

For her followup album, Kesha enlisted the talents of Jeff Bhasker(Harry Styles, Bruno Mars), Macklemore’s Ryan Lewis(“Praying,” “Good Old Days”), Imagine Dragons’ Dan ReynoldsJustin Tranter(Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez), Tayla Parx(Ariana Grande’s Thank U, Next) and fun.’s Nate Ruess.

“[I am] writing the **** out of some pop songs,” Kesha said. “I dug through the emotional wreckage, and now I can go back to talking a little bit of ****. I really wanted to put a solid footprint back into pop music, like, ‘I can do this, and I can do this on my own.’ I don’t know if this is my last pop record, but I want to have one where I go out with a bang.”

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      1. Hey, I’m 34 and I’m OK with it, and I’m cool with Kesha being 32, I just think it’s stupid seeing her flipping the finger at the camera like a teenager. She’s so much more than that silly bratty attitude.
        I know that in this song she’s cuestioning exactly that, the fact that people tell her who to be or how to act, but if she chooses not to be a certain why, eventually she’ll have to choose what to be; and if her choice is to go through life insulting and flipping her finger at people then oh my….. What a let down.
        So I guess I do give a ****.

        1. She can grow and all that as an artist, but please give me always a bit of party animal Kesha even if she is 45. **** age tbh. That’s the signature thing that made her famous in the first place anyway.

        2. That’s not like a teenager. Age doesn’t mean much. I want to see bad-***** 90-year-old ladies giving the finger. YEAH!

          (*In case Jordan doesn’t want us using strong language.)

        3. Also, we don’t REALLY need to choose what to be. People will try to pigeon-hole us after first impressions, but that’s all the more reason to go against all that. Be 3 different people everyday! 😉

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