Singer gets emotional in latest “Why I Vote” video.


You have the power to create change.

In anticipation of the upcoming presidential election, Vevo continues its “Why I Vote” campaign with their latest installment featuring none other than Kesha.

For her video, the pop star explains why voting is such a crucial part of one’s power, particularly for the LGBTQ community and their rights. “For me, equality is everything. In this election especially, I feel like you’re choosing between someone who is promising to build walls and someone who is hopeful,” the singer starts off the video. “If those are my two options, I definitely wanna go with hope.”

Intercut with home videos of mini-Kesha, the 29-year-old pop star recalls her unfortunate childhood, where she was bullied for being “different” in Nashville, Tennessee.

When she was just a kiddo, Kesha was heavily teased by her peers and classmates, so when she started to become confused about her sexuality, it made things worse. Thankfully, she had her mother Pebe Sebert to lean on for support. “I struggled with finding my sexuality. I was just so scared. What if I am gay? What does that mean? I already get bullied so much. If I’m gay on top of this, how can it even get worse? I turned to my mom and my mom was amazing. She always taught me that every single person is equal.”

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Ultimately, the pop star wants to encourage folks just like you to get up and make sure that you utilize your power to vote, specifically to repeal the controversial HB2 in North Carolina. “Using your voice and your truth and standing up and talking about what you believe in and voting is your power,” she says towards the end of the video. “You need to utilize that.”

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