Kesha hired the attorney who beat O.J. Simpson in a wrongful death civil case.


Kesha just hired “power lawyer” Daniel Petrocelli to help her achieve independence from Dr. Luke and Sony imprint label Kemosabe Records.

Kesha recently filed paperwork that requests a New York appellate court reconsider her fate in the ongoing legal dispute with Dr. Luke after New York Supreme Court Justice Shirley Kornreich rejected Kesha’s injunction last month. Kornreich told the singer, “you’re asking the court to decimate a contract that was heavily negotiated and typical for the industry.”

Kesha is trying to ensure the appeal is taken seriously. She hired Daniel Petrocelli at O’Melveny & Myers to represent her alongside current legal advisor Mark Geragos. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, Petrocelli is “best known for beating O.J. Simpson in a wrongful death civil case nearly two decades ago. Petrocelli is also a bit of a turnaround specialist, having entered cases in mid-stream on behalf of Disney and Warner Bros. in fights involving Winnie the Pooh and Superman, respectively, and pulling off huge comebacks.”

The news arrives a day after Kesha revealed she was offered the freedom to record outside of Dr. Luke and his label if she publicly apologized for accusing Luke of ****** her. She refused, saying “I got offered my freedom IF i were to lie,” she wrote. “I would have to APOLOGIZE publicly and say that I never got raped. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS behind closed doors. I will not take back the TRUTH. I would rather let the truth ruin my career than lie for a monster ever again.”

A spokesperson for Dr. Luke released a statement in response to Kesha’s latest post. “The Court repeatedly stated Kesha is already free to record without Dr. Luke, and that she had not presented any facts supporting her claims,” the statement said. “That’s because all the evidence — including Kesha’s own videotaped sworn testimony — show her allegations are false. The only thing Kesha is not free to do is to continue to lie about Dr. Luke through publicity stunts and outrageous smears, ignoring the fact that by her own free will she went to work and entered into new contracts with Dr. Luke years after this ‘incident’ supposedly happened. Her goal all along has been solely personal enrichment by seeking to break contracts that brought her success and millions so she can enter into more lucrative ones. We look forward to our day in court holding Kesha accountable for her lies.”

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