Kesha & Lady Gaga Reveal Unwanted Sexual Advances From Men In The Music Industry

It’s one thing for women to sexualize their own image in the music industry. It’s another when it’s forced upon them.

Two extremely talented, successful and famous female musicians came forward this week confessing unwanted sexual advances from men in the biz.

It is completely ****** and it needs to end.

Kesha’s suing producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault and battery. She claims he forced her to drink, do drugs, have unwanted *** and attacked her. Dr. Luke is counter-suing, but the damage is done.

It prompts the questions: What does Kesha have to gain by revealing this?

An email from Kesha’s mom to Dr. Luke claims she has Lady Gaga’s support when she plans on exposing him, then today a quote from Gaga surfaces admitting she, too, was forced to fend off unwanted sexual advances. She did not mention any names specifically.

“I’ve had really awful experiences with men in the studio,” Lady Gaga admitted. “Made me very uncomfortable. I didn’t feel like I was being cherished for my vocal talents but was seen more as someone to take advantage of.”

When asked if their advances were of a sexual nature, Gaga replied:

“Yes. And I don’t have to elaborate, but when women who are in the business that are young read this article I hope (they realize) that you do not have to put up with that.”

Why are these men’s success protecting them from forcing their perverse and intrusive sexual appetite upon women? Is it because money talks? Because women are afraid they may lose the chance at reaching their dream? What about making music justifies this behavior?

It’s extremely disheartening to peek into this aspect of the music industry.

Major props to Kesha and Lady Gaga for speaking out about their past, and here’s to hoping their bravery helps stop the animals creating the music we enjoy listening to.

I’d rather hear static.

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