It’s now or never.

Kesha Just Really Wants To Record New Music Or Her Career Will Be

Kesha’s lawyers said that she needs to start recording or her career will be “effectively over.”

It’s been more than a year since Kesha vs. Dr. Luke kicked off and it seems like our favorite glittery pop star just wants to record some damn new tunes with somebody that isn’t Dr. Luke, according to papers that were filed in New York on Friday (October 30).

You see, Kesha is still in contract with Sony Music and basically can’t record any new bops with anyone else aside from Dr. Luke or his companies while her case with the pop producer is pending. In the meantime, she’s basically just hanging out and waiting for this all to pass because she obviously doesn’t wanna record with the man who emotionally, verbally and physically abused the poor girl.

“Kesha now faces an abysmal decision: Work with her alleged abuser…or idly and passively wait as her career tick-tocks away. Kesha’s window of opportunity is nearly shut: She has not been recording, touring or able to market merchandise for nearly a year — an eternity in the industry,” her lawyers said in a statement. “If Kesha is not permitted to resume working immediately with the backing of a major record label, her window will forever close.”

As we’ve said since this whole war escalated into high gear earlier this year, f*cking free, Kesha.

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