Kesha will release a new studio album one way or another.


Kesha will release a new studio album one way or another.

When a judge denied Kesha’s injunction to record outside of Sony and its imprint Kemosabe Records which producer Dr. Luke oversees, an outcry of attention flooded social media and reignited the hashtag #FreeKesha. Fans coined the term two years ago amidst the ongoing legal battle to help voice Kesha’s allegations against Luke he sexually abused her. His lawyers are claiming not only is she free to record without him, but her claims are outright lies.

The New York County Supreme Court “found that Kesha is already ‘free’ to record and release music without working with Dr. Luke as a producer if she doesn’t want to. Any claim that she isn’t ‘free’ is a myth,” Dr. Luke’s lawyer Christine Lepara said in a statement, adding that Sony Music has already invested $11 million promoting the pop star.

Despite Kesha’s personal stance on the matter, she’s retreated. Several of her suits against Dr. Luke were dropped, likely to expedite the ordeal. She’s already recorded and handed over 28 new songs to RCA, her lawyer Daniel Petrocelli previously said. “We have conveyed to Sony Music and the label Kesha’s strong desire to release the single and an album as soon as possible.”

She recorded the songs at her own expense, in order to fulfill her contractual obligations. BuzzFeed reports if Dr. Luke refuses to release the 28 new recordings, “Kesha could present that as evidence that Sony and Dr. Luke, despite their assurances to the contrary, are refusing to release her new music.”

In a new story by the New York Times, Petrocelli affirms Kesha’s burning desire to carry on.

“Kesha intends to continue participating in the creative process in the hopes she can meaningfully return to work,” he said.

From the New York Times: “Sony Music and Dr. Luke’s team confirm the album is in development, with representatives for RCA, another Sony subsidiary, facilitating the process along with Kemosabe staff — and without Dr. Luke’s direct involvement. A list of outside producers has been approved, they said, and a recording schedule was in the works.”

“Creating a new album takes time, and everyone’s goal is to deliver a high-quality album consistent with Kesha’s past releases,” Sony said in a statement. “We hope to share exciting new music with Kesha’s fans soon.”

They’re missing the point. Kesha wants nothing to do with Dr. Luke or any facet of Kemosabe Records. By recording material under the Sony umbrella, with or without Luke, she’s essentially okaying his abuse. So, no, Kesha is not yet FREE. However, it’s understandable the singer wants to shelve the legal drama for a bit and focus on her craft and pleasing her fans. Without that, she’s doomed.

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