Are you ready for some more pretty girl rock?Keri-Hilson-album-finished-BreatheHeavy

“Knock You Down” star Keri Hilson has confirmed that her third LP is finally complete.

Keri Hilson must be one of the most compulsively slept on artists of the last decade. Despite penning smashes for Britney Spears and the Pussycat Dolls, and despite having a pretty solid string of hits of her own under her belt, people oscillate between having no idea who Miss Keri is and throwing merciless shade in her direction for her perceived floppage.

Hopefully the tables are finally turning in Hilson’s direction, however, as she’s just confirmed that her long-overdue follow up to 2010’s ‘No Boys Allowed’ is complete.

Despite Timbaland teasing a decidedly mediocre offering from Keri’s new record back in March, we can still hold out hope that Keri’s latest project will be the certified smash that she so badly deserves. With writing credits on Ciara’s “Like a Boy”, Pussycat Dolls’ “Wait a Minute” and of course Britney’s seminal hit “Gimme More” we know Keri’s capable of making amazing urban pop music, so there’s no reason she can’t replicate this kind of success for her own solo ventures.

Let’s celebrate Keri Hilson’s sure to be imminent return with a handful of her finest offerings, shall we?

You ready for the return of Keri Hilson?