Keri Hilson’s comeback is no longer a mystery.


UPDATE // JANUARY 26, 2017:

Keri Hilson is still working on her forthcoming album L.I.A.R, which stands for Love Is A Religion. While we impatiently wait for it, Hilson dropped by The Real to explain the meaning behind the name:

UPDATE // JULY 25, 2016: Hilson uploaded a new snippet to her SnapChat:

?? Keri wouldn't be Keri if she didn't hit us w/ Snapchat Snippets #KeriHilson #Keribesnappin #Snapchat #Snippets #LIARComingSoon

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Keri Hilson’s comeback is no longer a mystery.

Earlier this year, a press release from Zone 4 Records indicated Hilson was readying her first single titled “Again” from the upcoming album L.I.A.R (which stands for Love Is a Religion) slated for a release March 18, but the “Energy” singer set the record straight. The Mike Will Made-It-produced track does exist, but it wouldn’t drop for a while.

She wrote: “THEY issued a fake press release. THEY have good info tho: Again IS jammin/LIAR IS the album but it’s just not ready. Soon! #nevertrustTHEY. P.S., Your excitement means EVERYTHING to me.”

Hilson took to SnapChat on Monday and shared a L.I.A.R. cut which boomed through the loud speakers at a club:

"Now I got too many trust issues, & I'm tired of all these **** ******." – THIS IS A WORD. ?? c'mon new music. #KeriHilson #Keribesnappin #Snapchat #TeamKeri #KeriKrew #Snippets

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Comment your reaction to these snippets using an emoji… Mine went something like: ?????? #KeriHilson #Keribesnappin #Snapchat #TeamKeri #KeriKrew #Snippets

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In that same release, “Keri” revealed the album will address her struggles in recent years years. “I promise, I will tell my fans everything on this album. Why I was really gone, what actually happened, what didn’t, what I could control, and what I couldn’t… Never will I ever again take a break from music.”

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