Singer / Song-writer Keri Hilson opened up to OK! about working with Britney, saying she had a very pleasant experience.

“She wasn’t tough to write for at all,” says Hilson. “But we knew before we went in that she did not want it to be biographical,” she continues on her experience with Brit. “She definitely wanted to escape her reality so we knew how to approach it.”

Hilson did add that though Britney was not part of the song-writing process for “Gimme More,” she is “a very sweet girl.”

“She works very hard and she really knows her role very very very well and I think she is a visual artist,” Keri adds. “The moment she hears a song she is imagining the video and imagining herself onstage which was amazing to me, which I think I’ve seen that very rarely.”

Looking forward to Hilson’s work on the seventh studio album!

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