It’s Keri Hilson, *****.

Keri Hilson Debuts Two New Songs: "Scream" & "100"

Keri Hilson has us screaming with two new songs from her forthcoming record.

We haven’t heard new music from Hilson in five years since she dropped 2010’s No Boys Allowed (minus the track “Dinero” her bestie Monica posted without Hilson’s consent). Instead, the “Energy” singer lent her talents on songs for Britney Spears, Chris Brown, T.I. and many more, but one of music’s most gifted songwriters returns with a couple tracks of her own.

First up is “Scream” produced by Polow Da Don and Mansur, a breathy slow burner about one of life’s most pleasurable moments. Na mean?

“I’m about to blow / Feel my body pulse / Dancin’ on the edge of insanity”

She also put forth “100” featuring Young Thug, a Timbaland and Rock City-produced R&B masterpiece about snapping back at a cheating ex. Hilson keeps it one hunned.

“**** you and whoever you screwin’ / Don’t care no mo about what you doing / hope she cheat on you and leave you ruined / I’m so turned up cause you went and pissed me off”

Get ready…

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