Britney Spears is asking Keri Hilson to give her more hits.

The R&B star, who penned “Gimme More” for Britney has reunited with her to work on the 26-year-old’s upcoming album, a process she dubs “refreshing.”

“I got to step outside of what I normally do,” Keri tells Rap-Up TV. “I’m not normally this huge pop writer…and Britney, she’s special. I can’t say that she’s guarded, but I understand why she doesn’t want to talk about certain things and I respect that about her.”

What’s important to know about the Britster is that she is not a “puppet” strung along and directed by label higher-ups, Keri says.

“She really isn’t the puppet that people make her out to be,” she adds. “She has an opinion and she’s a very, very bright girl.”

In the studio, the hitmaking duo has never run into any problems as Britney is “a pleasure to work with.” You won’t find any diva behavior in there!

“[She] never mouth[s] off,” the 25-year-old says. “She’s a very, very sweet person, takes direction very well.”

Keri, who’s putting the finishing touches on her own album, In a Perfect World, also has some words for her colleague’s critics.

“Right now she’s dealing with life,” she says. “She’s just dealing with life. Leave that girl alone.”


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