Somebody’s getting fired…

The world was taken aback this morning when rapper Kendrick Lamar dropped his third album, ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’, a week before its scheduled release date. Although most people mistakenly assumed that the altered release was part of a marketing strategy to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Tupac’s third album, it would seem that the truth – as always – is a far less straightforward.

Find out who dropped the ball and let the rapper’s album out of the bag a week early:

Anthony Tiffith, the CEO of Top Dawg Entertainment (the firm who make up Kendrick’s management), slammed record label Interscope this morning, personally thanking them for “******* up” their release. Ouch.

Although Lamar tweeted a link to the iTunes page which listed his album – available to download in full – the album has now returned to preorder status, indicating the unintentional nature of the release.

Interscope, incidentally, are not having a good year. Whether they’re truly culpable for this monumental fail is unclear, but realistically who else could it be? For those of you who don’t know, Interscope are also responsible for Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ which famously leaked all over the internet in December, a move which will undoubtedly affect the album’s final chart position and Interscope’s overall sales.

Similarly, having an album on iTunes, removing it and then re-listing it a week later will also massively impact on the profitability of Kendrick Lamar’s record. During the interim period when the album isn’t legally available for download, there’s no doubt that illegal downloads of the project will spike.

This all comes during a rough period for the subsidiary of Universal Music Group, who have faced controversy following former-artist Azealia Banks’ increasingly bizarre behaviour and were recently accused of making a loss of as much as $25 million on Lady Gaga’s 2013 LP ‘ArtPop’ – a number which has been hotly debated.

Who’s *** do you think is on the line for this one?