Lamar released a seven-minute visual from his Grammy-nominated “To Pimp A Butterfly” album for “u” and “For Sale.”


What happens when loving turns complicated?

Kendrick Lamar suffers a alcohol-induced blackout in the first half of his latest To Pimp A Butterfly visual titled “God Is Gangsta.” The seven-minute short-film is two videos from the No. 1 LP, “u” and “For Sale?” The former displays Lamar’s heartbreaking bender where he tortures himself for every dark self-reflecting thought he’s probably ever had. When the video transitions into “For Sale,” Lamar cleanses his sins in a pool before surrounding himself with scantily clad women.

Better safe than sorry.

Lamar earned 11 Grammy nominations, and wants to win. “I want all of them,” Kendrick recently told The New York Times, which include Album of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Rap Performance. “Because it’s not only a statement for myself, but it’s a statement for the culture. They’re all important, because of the foundation the forefathers laid before me. Nas didn’t get a chance to be in that position. Pac. So to be acknowledged and to actually win, it’s for all of them.”

Watch “God Is Gangsta” below:

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