Down the rabbit hole we go…

Kendrick Lamar released his third major label LP DAMN. today, and fans believe it’s the first of two parts – the other is slated to drop Easter Sunday.

The conspiracy theories are at an all time high, so let’s get right to it.

■ Kendrick dies on the opening track, “BLOOD.” (“you have lost something… you’ve lost your life”). As points out, Kendrick released the LP on Good Friday. Considering his deep Christian faith and a suspect lyric in “The Heart Part 4” (“dropped one classic, came right back”), a followup could debut on Easter Sunday – the day Jesus rose from the dead.

Down the rabbit hole we go… On “The Heart Part 4,” Kendrick raps the line “my next album, the whole industry on a ice pack… with TOC, you see the flames.” Reddit firmly believes a followup is around the corner. They interpret the acroynm “TOC” to mean “the other color.” Then producer Sounwave Tweeted a picture of Morpheus from The Matrix. He famously offered a blue pill, and a red pill. The DAMN. album cover is red, and the next installment could be blue.

■ The rapper added fuel to the fire when his Spotify banner featured blue bricks.

■ Backwards vocals featured on “FEAR.” contain images of Christ on the cross.

■ Fan theories have conjured up a tracklist already.

1. Blood. 1. Crip
2. DNA. 2. Soul
3. Yah. 3. WAY
4. Element. 4. Spirt
5. Feel. 5. Numb
6. Loyalty. 6. Betrayal
7. Pride 7. Shame
8. Humble. 8. Arrogant
9. Lust. 9. Disgust
10. Love. 10. Hate
11. ***. 11. ttt (as in crosses, not the letter t)
12. Fear. 12. Courage
13. GOD. 13. Jesus
14. Duckworth. 14. Kendrick

■ The Internet has quite the imagination, but it’s not too far of a stretch. Future recently dropped dual albums in two weeks, as did Frank Ocean. Guess we’ll have to wait until Sunday…