UPDATE: Watch a teaser of the music video.


UPDATE: // OCTOBER 23 Objects in mirror may not be what they appear.

Kelly Rowland shared a teaser for the upcoming “Conceited” music video. In it, Rowland is seen judging her reflection in the mirror, and by the looks of it she’s equally parts displeased and satisfied. Watch:

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Being pretty aint easy.

Kelly Rowland told ABC Radio recently she “recorded 45 songs” for her forthcoming album, a followup to 2013’s Talk a Good Game, but admits it’s challenging “solidifying” what she wants the record to sound like.

“I have three different sounds on the table,” she said, one being EDM. “It’s definitely more R&B and to the core of even the dance music, it’s still soul and that’s the core of who I am, is my soul, and I always want that to come across,” Rowland continued, if that made any sense.

We’ll let the music do the explaining.

Following her Frank Gatson Jr.-choreographed number for the “Dumb” video featuring Trevor Jackson, Rowland is teasing a new song titled “Conceited.” “Being pretty ain’t easy, you see mirrors can be deceiving,” she boasts over a harrowing synth beat. “So won’t you tell me something good, ’cause if you really loved me then you would. I’m conceited.”

It’s a promising start.

Listen to a preview below:

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