Kelly Clarkson's Puzzling Clue

Let’s play a game.

Rumor has it Kelly Clarkson’s next album is a double-disc with the lead single featuring a male solo artist. She apparently told a fan at a meet & greet over the weekend the album(s) shapping up to be a “smasher” and is “out of the box.” When he asked if she’s releasing a double disc, she responded with “I’m not saying yet.”


What does all this mean? We can’t know for sure because when asked to describe the album, she said: “puzzle.”


Puzzle? PUZZLE? What the hell does that mean? I have no idea, so I’ll come up with several possible meanings:

  • Kelly Clarkson is throwing in the towel on music and launching a puzzle line with Hasbro
  • She’s put one too many puzzles together for her daughter River Rose
  • A double-disc – one’s a country album, the other’s pop
  • She’s recording an entire album with a male solo artist (cough Lady Gaga/Tony Bennett, P!nk + Dallas Green)
  • Covering Britney Spears’ “Piece Of Me”
  • It has literally no meaning and she’s sitting back laughing her *** off
  • That’s all I got. What do YOU think about Kelly Clarkson’s not-so-revealing clue?

    PS – she has a tattoo of puzzle pieces, so there’s that.

    Kelly Clarkson's Puzzling Clue