No I ain’t a scared little girl no more.

Kelly Clarkson's "Invincible" Music Video

Kelly Clarkson thinks outside the box in her new “Invincible” music video.

Kelly’s plans to premiere her power ballad with John Legend titled “Run Run Run” were foiled when she discovered Tokio Hotel had snatched up the song first and released it, and the rumor she had plans to promote “Good Goes The Bye” fell through, so here we are with a visual for the Sia-assisted track titled “Invincible.”

In the Natalia Mroczka-directed video, Clarkson croons in a stylized deserted warehouse while her female counterparts scattered throughout the video literally break down their walls and unite together. It’s not her strongest video to date, but it does follow suit with “Heartbeat Song,” a video that also shared scenes of strangers with glamor shots of Kelly spliced in. It’s a solid song and video effort, but it seems a bit safe. We’re ready for Clarkson to take a bit of a risk for her next “Piece by Piece” single, whether that’s for Nostalgic or Bad Reputation (hint hint).

In the mean time, check out her latest video below:

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