Bet you won’t like to hear that. Or would you?

Bet you won’t like to hear that. Or would you?

Kelly Clarkson told concert-goers attending Mix 94.1’s Not So Silent Night at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Sunday (Dec. 3) that “Medicine” will “probably” be the next single off her recently-released album, Meaning Of Life. I can confirm this, because I was there and heard this with my own two ears. I had a mini-meltdown afterward (the good kind).

That’s great news, because it was only a couple of weeks that ago Kelly was wrestling between “Medicine” and “Heat.” She sounded pretty confident about the selection at her show on Sunday, so this is extremely exciting. “Medicine” is one of my favorite tracks off the record, so I’m rooting for it to get the single treatment.

I’m campaigning for “Would You Call That Love” next. Here’s what she had to say back in November about that track:

“‘Would You Call That Love’ almost didn’t make the album because of me,” she told Official Charts. “Craig [Kallman, chairman of Atlantic in the US] fought me on it and told me straight that it was. It’s because I’m hard on myself – the whole album is very sensual, very sassy… I felt like it was the only one that had a different vibe about it, but that was the thing that everyone loved about it. I’m so happy we kept it on there.”

On a sidenote: Kelly was full of life and a joy to watch at Not So Silent Night. She was engaging, honest (her love of Christmas is next-level) and shared the spotlight with her band and background singers (who are also featured on Meaning Of Life). It was also refreshing to hear how much she still loved performing the classics, like “Since You Been Gone,” “My Life Would **** Without You,” “Breakaway” and “Walk Away.” It’s also worth mentioning she said her all-time favorite song to perform now is “Whole Lotta Woman.” Check out some footage I shot on my iPhone below:


@KellyClarkson said tonight that “Medicine” will probably be the next single and I’m holding her to it.

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