Kelly Clarkson Good Goes the Bye

In the UK, anyway. Whether it’ll function as single number 2 worldwide remains to be seen.

Whilst Kelly Clarkson’s latest single “Heartbeat Song” hasn’t exactly taken most major music markets by storm, the original American Idol has found herself with a minor UK hit on her hands. Off the back of a surprisingly successful radio tour, Clarkson managed to enter the Official UK Top 40 at number 7 last week, marking her 9th top 10 hit across the pond.

Naturally, RCA seem keen to capitalise on this success, rush releasing the next single from Kelly’s 7th studio album, ‘Piece by Piece’ – and it looks like that single will be closing track “Good Goes The Bye.”

Perhaps not the most sensible choice…

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Whilst we’ve yet to hear anything from camp Kelly, ” target=”_blank”>TM Studios are reporting that the track will be released to radio as early as next week, which seems a bit odd given that “Heartbeat Song” is still enjoying considerable airplay.

It’s probably fair to say that ‘Piece by Piece’ is a generally mixed affair – whilst Clarkson sounds impeccable as always, the quality of the actual music is wildly varied with many tracks falling squarely into the category of mediocrity. Whilst “Good Goes The Bye” definitely isn’t the worst song Kelly offered us this time around it’s certainly not the best either.

With a pretty melody and some nice ad-libs in the final chorus, the Jason Halbert and Eric Olson produced mid-tempo is a nice album closer but not the kind of track that will prompt people to pick up a copy of ‘Piece by Piece’ which is currently set to shift around 75,000 units in its first week. A respectable number but not a patch on 2011’s ‘Stronger”s 163,000 copies in seven days.

Better choices for the follow-up to “Heartbeat Song” would likely have been the album’s finest moment “Nostalgic”, bonus track and funk-athon “Bad Reputation” or early fan favorite “War Paint”.

Hopefully “Good Goes The Bye” will be reserved for UK or European release and the rest of the world might get treated to one of the better moments from ‘Piece by Piece’.

What’s your pick for the second single from Kelly’s new record?