Kelly Clarkson Provides Clues For Lead Single

Forget everything you just read about Kelly Clarkson and listen to this instead.

BreatheHeavy speculated Queen Kelly had a duet with Miley Cyrus after a song called “Alone In Love” was registered under their names. Who knows what that’s about, but the hullabaloo (do people still say that?) prompted Kelly to clarify a few things about her lead single.

She gives us several clues:

The first clue is proof of life, and the second is Dr. Dre.

Coincidentally there’s a new song registered under her name titled “Heartbeat Song” written by Kelly, Audra Mae, Kara Dioguardi and Jason Evigan.

Clue 1: proof of life = HEART
Clue 2: Dr. Dre = BEATS by Dre


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