A taste of what’s to come.

A taste of what’s to come.

Well this was an unexpected surprise. Kelly Clarkson shared samples of every song off her forthcoming album, Meaning Of Life, before it hits the net on Friday (Oct. 27).

The record features production from Greg Kurstin (“Stronger”), Jason Halbert and Jesse Shatkin, Mick Schultz, The Monarch and Nick Ruth. Listen below:

Meaning of Life Track List

1. “A Minute (Intro)”
2. “Love So Soft”
3. “Heat”
4. “Meaning of Life”
5. “Move You”
6. “Whole Lotta Woman”
7. “Medicine”
8. “Cruel”
9. “Didn’t I”
10. “Would You Call That Love”
11. “I Don’t Think About You”
12. “Slow Dance”
13. “Don’t You Pretend”
14. “Go High”

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