Listen to Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban’s beautiful Phantom duet.

Kelly Clarkson Duets With Josh Groban On Phantom Of The Opera Classic

Kelly Clarkson duets with Josh Groban in a beautiful rendition of Phantom of the Opera’s “All I Ask Of You.”

Clarkson and Groban are two of music’s larger-than-life vocalists, and their performance of the famous Phantom classic proves it. The song appears on Groban’s musical theater album, “Stages,” which also features Les Miserables‘ “Bring Him Home,” The Wizard Of Oz’s “Over the Rainbow” and a mashup of “Children Will Listen”/”Not While I’m Around” from Sweeney Todd and Into the Woods.

Kelly’s iconic vocals mesh perfectly into the song, despite it typically seeing an opera treatment, and that’s why it’s unique; she isn’t making herself sound like something she’s not. Not to be outdone, the “Heartbeat Song” singer belts out notes playfully competing with Groban who’s tone and vibrato gorgeously highlight the emotion behind the song.

Grab your mom and give it a listen:

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