This hurts my heart. Kelly had us believing she was readying “Medicine” as the next single off her recently-released album.

Kelly Clarkson has reportedly decided to release “I Don’t Think About You” as the next Meaning Of Life single.

This hurts my heart. Kelly had us believing she was readying “Medicine” as the next single off her recently-released album.

I’m not simply inventing this. She said during multiple shows it would “probably” be the next release and even performed it on the season finale of The Voice.

When she said “probably,” we should have listened, because according to Billboard’s Hot 100 chart manager, Kelly is sending MoL ballad “I Don’t Think About You” to radio on Feb. 13 instead. Just in time for us lonely hearts!

The headline suggests she filmed a music video for it already. That’s because during her Grammys Q&A this week, a fan asked if there was a video for “Medicine” in the works. Her response?

“I’m in the process of making a new video,” and included that annoying winking, tongue out emoji. As if to say SORRY NOT SORRY, SUCKAS.

Don’t get me wrong, every song off of Meaning Of Life is flawless, but “Medicine” is such a hit and deserves to get special attention first. Then “Heat.” Then “Would You Call That Love.” Only THEN can we discuss releasing “I Don’t Think About You.” What’s the good sis doing?

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  1. Side note:

    – “travesty” (noun): a false, absurd, or distorted representation of something.
    Synonyms: misrepresentation, distortion, perversion, corruption, poor imitation, poor substitute, mockery, parody, caricature.

    In Spanish we use “travesti” to refer to drag queens (same meaning as “travesty”). The use of the word here works, but it definitely has a negative connotation. So watch out Jordan, RuPaul woud be MAD! haha

  2. Maybe she wants a ballad for winter and will release Heat(or Medicine) during Spring. I love the line “I feel freedom where I stand now/ I feel proud of who I am now/ I love the woman that I became” from IDTAY.

    Or Maybe.. She’ll make videos for all the songs and hold out the best ones for last. I’m down for that too..

    … still waiting for the MoL Tour…

  3. While Medicine would’ve been a stronger choice, I cannot deny that I’m unhappy with a proper ballad coming from Kelly! We haven’t gotten one since Already Gone.

  4. Bad choice, especially since the album is not doing well. Not a radio friendly song, better choices would have been Heat, Medicine, Slow Dance, honestly feel bad choices have been made as singles on her last 3 albums

  5. It’s Valentine’s Day it makes logical sense to release IDTAU as a single for all the lonely hearts out there? Also shows of her amazing powerfully vocals. And that’s what she’s said she wanted to do with this album. Good for her ?? Also how’ can the vocals on IDTAU be unforgettable ? it also shows the versatility on this album. Medicine and love so soft. So similar. Anyone remember “I do not hook up” that followed on from My life … it didn’t do great. Keep it coming KC – our lives would **** without you ?

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