Double feature.

Come through, Kelly Clarkson.

Clarkson has been absent for a while now, but she’s making up for lost time. The singer dropped a new music video for “Love So Soft,” the lead single off her forthcoming album Meaning Of Life, as well as a buzz track titled “Move You.” It’s tame compared to “Love So Soft,” but that’s not a bad thing. The confidence in Kelly’s voice as she sings about her aspirations to inspire love is striking.

Kelly Clarkson’s New Album Is Titled ‘Meaning Of Life’; See The Cover

“Like a solemn Hallelujah / Like a choir shouts Amen,” she sings over ethereal background vocals and a mid-tempo beat. “Like your first time falling in love / Or a stairway up to heaven / Like a soldier who is falling / As he holds his country’s flag / And he fights for freedom’s calling / I wanna move you like that.” It will quite possibly bring a tear to your eye, because no one can croon about love quite like Kelly.

When the Grammy Award winner announced she split from RCA and signed with Atlantic Records and had plans to record a soul album, I had my reservations, but damn… Kelly delivered.

Listen to “Move You” below.

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