Kelly Clarkson Doesn't BBQ With Britney Spears, But She Would Like To

Spears Clarkson BBQ 2K15 FTW

Kelly Clarkson is giving us yet another reason to love her as her promotional “Piece By Piece” campaign pushes forward. On Thursday (February 5), Miss Independent stopped by “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen and was put on the spot by someone from the Britney Army for leaving “Piece Of Me” only 45 minutes into the show.

Listen to what Kelly had to say about her early exit after the cut:

It all went down when Cohen gave callers at home the power to ask Clarkson some friendly ol’ questions. Rodney from Pennsylvania took his 15 seconds of live TV time to put the “American Idol” veteran under the knife and demand an explanation as to why she left Brit Brit’s “Piece of Me” show so early back in December. Being the adorable and humble gal that she is, Kelly laughed off the heat and told folks that she left because of a family emergency.

We had a family emergency, so I had to leave, but all my friends got to stay, but my husband and I had to leave. She was good. Everyone took it as ‘I’m out of here.’ It was not that at all.

Cohen, being in the inquisitive host that he is, pushed the Britney agenda and asked Clarkson if she’s even friendly with B. Kelly told the host that she “would be” because Brit seems nice. Unfortunately, they’ve only run into each other a few times in the last decade, so they aren’t really BBQ buddies.

If the universe really wanted to throw me a curveball in 2015 and make a Britney/Kelly collaborative BBQ happen, then these would be the type of lunches I’d totally approve of. Oh, and Rodney, you can totally come out and reveal yourself now.

Watch Kelly talk about Britney (in the first clip) below!

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