And it is quite literally everything.


Kelly Clarkson establishes herself as the new rude gal of pop music, nothing was ever the same etc.

Miss Clarkson stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge this morning and I’m fairly sure you aren’t prepared for quite what unfurled. As well as offering a rendition of the not-at-all tired “Heartbeat Song”, she put her own jazzy, cabaret-inspired spin on Rihanna’s “***** Betta Have My Money”, entitled “Y’all Betta Have My Money” to make it a little more 11am radio friendly.

As anyone with fully functioning ears can attest, Kelly absolutely bossed this, as she does with the vast majority of songs she covers. The soulful piano accompaniment and reworked vocals represent everything Live Lounge should be about – taking another artist’s song and interpreting it in a radically different fashion. Of course it doesn’t hurt that KC offers an absolutely stellar (if not slightly breathless) vocal performance which is a stark reminder that when she puts her mind to it, Kelly has a good voice for R&B.

Is it better than Rihanna’s original version? I’ll leave that up to you…

Thoughts and feelings about this startling turn of events?