Kelly Clarkson Can't Be Tamed

Kelly Clarkson’s lead single might feature Miley Cyrus.

Queen Kelly hasn’t released a new studio album in three years, so you can imagine how thirsty fans are for her next installment. She gave us a greatest hits titled “Chapter One” in 2012 and her Christmas album, “Wrapped In Red,” in 2013 and nada in 2014. But rest assured… you needn’t wait much longer for her next lead single!

Kelly recently registered a song titled “In Love Alone,” written by David Harris, Adam Jensen and Michael Mansel Willett. The name alone gives me ~F U men~ anthem teas – exciting considering I’ve experienced many-a-moment screaming at the driver in front of me in my car while blasting similar Kelly ba-ba-bangers.

What’s even more exciting is the same song title was also registered under feminist and ****** warrior, Miley Cyrus.

This contradicts previous reports claiming Kelly’s lead single is titled “Sensation,” but I choose my own destiny.

The song saw a video treatment by Michael Willet, but that hasn’t stopped artists in the past from taking a published song and making it their own – Britney Spears “Out From Under,” anyone?

Other rumors say the song debuts January 5th, is ~pure pop~ and features a male singer.

Are you here for a Kelly Clarkson / Miley Cyrus collabo?