Keke Palmer gives us a candid glimpse at her life after a huge revelation.


Keke Palmer gives us a candid glimpse at her life after a huge revelation.

Last month, Palmer dropped an entire album onto SoundCloud titled Waited To Exhale that she recorded during darker days as a 16-year-old. She explained the lyrics were “words I was afraid to stand behind because I had too much anxiety and could not process my experiences and how they were separate from the spirit of who I was.” It was touch and go, because the Scream Queens actress has already released a new clip but for a separate project – her upcoming studio album. The music video is for her latest release named “Many Things.” In it, Palmer is seen trotting around the city in a black polo along with a couple of behind-the-scenes clips of her life as a budding musician.

“Looking back at all the love and support I have been given on #WaitedToExhale has truly been an eye opener for me to all the support I have always had,” Palmer wrote on her website. “When you are lacking in self belief it’s easy to zero in only on the things that are going ‘wrong’ or creating reasons as to why you aren’t where you want to be because you don’t have the money, or the circumstance. It’s easy to compare yourself to others because you are trying to understand what ‘success’ looks like. The truth is it’s different for everyone and patience is a VIRTUE! The actual success one feels comes from being TRUE to oneself, it’s not about how many records you have sold but those you have touched. I think it’s so important as a creative to remember the relationship is with you and those who care to take a look into your world and understand how you see it, not those that don’t. I am so grateful for those I do get to share my gifts with, those that care to come for the ride with me on my journey. I am truly so grateful and enjoy sharing my heart with you all!!”

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And if you like what you hear, give Waited To Exhale a spin:

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