Do you do you do you wanna be?


Do you do you do you do you wanna be?

Kehlani’s vibrant music video for “Distraction” takes a cue from Destiny’s Child’s iconic “Say My Name” visual as she travels from one color-themed room to the next.

In the YASHXANA-directed clip, the R&B singer starts out her journey in a hazy white room, chilling on a fluffy pillow, enjoying a blunt, and seducing a male-love interest gazing at her from behind. The two eventually make their way into a low-lit blue room and fondle each other on a glittery couch. Things take a turn into the realm of red where they cuddle on a bed of satin sheets and rose pedals before playing in the yellow sunflower room.

“Distraction” is the first release off the singer’s forthcoming debut album SSS out in 2017. “This one, I really took my time like, ‘Every song, I not only have to write really intensely, but I have to make sure that I push myself to get the sonics correctly,” she told Power 106’s “The Cruz Show.”

Watch the video for the Pop & Oak-produced single below:

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