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Kehlani Bursts Into Tears On-Stage Explaining To Fans Why She Must Cancel Her Show

“I truly feel like I might have to go to the hospital at this point because I feel crazy.”

“I truly feel like I might have to go to the hospital at this point because I feel crazy.”

The tour life has caught up with Kehlani.

Last year, Kehlani posted then deleted an alarming revelation that alluded to an alleged suicide attempt. “I wanted to leave this earth,” she said. “As of today, I had no single wish to see tomorrow.. But God saved me for a reason, and for that… I must be grateful. Cuz I’m not in heaven right now for a reason.”

Since then, the singer has seemingly gotten herself back on track. She released her debut album SWEETSEXYSAVAGE and collaborated with rapper G-Eazy on “Good Life” and “Wrong” with Zayn Malik.

Earlier this year, Kehlani had to reschedule some shows due to health issues. It seems as if the singer is having a hard time finding her footing. During her show in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Monday (May 8), Kehlani broke down in tears and told the crowd she has no choice but to cancel/reschedule because she had to go to the hospital.

“I truly feel like I might have to go to the hospital at this point because I feel crazy. I’m so sorry, but I came up here and I promised my team that I would try…If you need to be refunded, I’ll take it out of my pocket and reschedule. I put that on everything. We’ll make this show happen again, but I need to go do something about this because I feel crazy.” See the fan-filmed footage below:

Kehlani posted a video message on Instagram to explain, though it has since been removed. “Hey guys not sure why blogs are reporting that I had a mental breakdown but mentally I’m fucking fantastic lol physically tour is EXHAUSTING and people get sick all the time,” she wrote in the caption. “Please be aware what you spread in regards to mental health; that can be really detrimental. I love you guys! Speak only what you know.”

Kehlani recently opened up to Galore mag about wanting to inspire people with her music rather than dwell on the negative. “I think people notice by now that I don’t really have any sad songs or songs that stay in the negative situation,” she said. “If they are talking about a negative situation, it’s usually like, ‘Well, I’m stronger now,’ or ‘I’m getting better now,’ or ‘I don’t want to feel like that again’.”

Props to Kehlani for doing what she needs to to keep herself in check. Sending her good vibes.

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