Ke$ha: Writing For Britney Was Humbling

June 10, 2013 By Jordan Miller

Ke$ha: Writing For Britney Was Humbling

Kee$ha Ke$ha, who wrote “Till The World Ends,” answered questions from fans over the weekend, and of course one asked what it was like writing for Britney.

“She’s amazing; she’s pop royalty. I remember “Baby One More Time.” Amazing. Video? Amazing. Obsessed. Who’s not obsessed with her? It was such an incredible moment in my career to have one of the biggest icons in the planet sing words I wrote, as a song writer it was a very humbling moment.”

That song was a smash and, despite my better judgement, hopefully she can pen another hit for Brit on Album 9! Yes, 9.

Starts at 11:05.