Kesha Is Writing For Her New Album!

February 15, 2015 By Jessica

Kesha Is Writing For Her New Album!

Animals, get your glitter cannons ready to explode because Kesha is returning to music!

She’s digging deep for her third album, with no shortage of material to work with this time around.

“I’ve been writing about everything I’ve been going through. You’ll definitely hear about it on my next record.”

Considering the disturbing developments in Kesha’s life over the past year, it sounds like this album will examine much heavier subject matter than we’re used to from the singer famous for drunk party anthems.

In true Kesha form, though, she should have no trouble turning an album based around her personal setbacks into a fierce comeback record.

“I feel really empowered. I’m loving myself and I’m standing up for myself now.”

Check out her interview at the Timo Weiland fashion show after the jump.

What would YOU like to hear on Ke$ha’s new album?