Katy is in hot water for one of her songs sounding like a carbon copy.

Katy Perry is in hot water for one of her songs sounding like a carbon copy.

To say Katy Perry’s Witness era isn’t going according to plan is an understatement. The latest uphill battle for the pop star? Fans have found undeniable evidence to suggest one of the record’s tracks, “Bigger Than Me,” has an uncanny resemblance to a song named “Lampa i sofa” by Polish singer Ania Wyszkoni off her 2009 record Pan i pani.

A lot of the time I tend to shrug my shoulders at said comparisons, because there are only so many freaking notes our human ears can detect nah mean? But this one’s too close for comfort.

Listen below – the first half is the Ania Wyszkoni track in question, the second is Katy’s.

If you are still unsure of it all, a user on ATRL mashed both tracks on top of each other. It’s hard to refute this.

According to the song’s writing credits, Perry is partly responsible for penning the song, as is Corin Roddick and Megan James. They’re going to have some explaining to do. Unless it’s sheer coincidence. Yes, that must be it. I wonder if Wyszkoni would agree.


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  1. I feel sorry for her lol The truth is it’s quite common unfortunately. Compare choruses of Ready For It by Swift and Gaga’s Eh Eh Nothing I can say off The Fame

  2. Yes, this sounds almost the same, but claiming that she shamelessly actually COPIED somebody else’s work sounds like a stretch to me knowing how much she respects artists, and stupid if you live in a heavily technological and interconnected 2017. So there must be another reason why this happened. Besides, she makes her own music herself from scratch, which I think is admirable, and at the same time, how many melodies can exist in the world over the years? There’s a limit to that. And also, everybody gets inspired by others, sometimes knowingly and others unconsciously, so I guess it’s very difficult to perceive where the inspiration ultimately came from, or if it’s an original idea of ours (which, in all honestly, hardly happens). Maybe we should be more benevolent with things like this, because she has little to lose at this point: if she took the melody (or whatever the name), she could easily have credited the original artist and solve future misunderstandings instantly, and she wouldn’t have noticed it in her pocket anyway. So I say this is an unhappy coincidence.

    1. From scratch?! Now sis, multiple producers and co-writers is hardly from scratch. Kudos to her writing abilities, but she ain’t coming up with these arrangements and melodies by herself. And I get that there are coincidences, but this exactly resembles the entirety of the chorus. If it were a snippet or single line I would get it, but for an entire chorus to mimic another’s is no coincidence. It might not have been shamelessly, but it was sloppy nonetheless. She did this with Roar, too, mimicking Sara Bareilles’ “Brave”.

      1. By “from scratch” I meant a lyric, a melody, and arrangement, whatever. Not the whole thing, of course. And if she’s a music artist, I assume she loves and consumes lots of music, so maybe she heard those melodies before and they got stuck in her head and then unknowingly reproduced them. I assume now her team should check if such melodies (or WHAT-EVER) already exist before releasing them, so it’s definitely sloppy if they didn’t.

        1. “Unknowingly reproduced”? That’s a stretch. I think her people heard it, didn’t tell her and ripped off another artist Knowingly. Music producers are very shady and care mostly about the money. So if they think they can steal create a song to cash in on and not tell artist. They will every time!

          1. Really?? I don’t think they’d earn that much more money this way, honestly… And even if they credited the rightful author of a part of a song, wouldn’t they be earning money still? And if they are assholes who steal music, they’re also stupid because they’ll probably lose more money than what they earned if they get a lawsuit for this.

  3. such a generic sing song melody: up,down,up,down – I’m sure there are dozens of songs that sound that same. And for a buried b-side on an album that had so little impact, I can’t imagine this was even worth the effort to write about.

    1. Not a fan of Wyszkoni, but really – Katy has a long record of copying another artists. Do you really think it’s coincidence? Of course, I believe it’s not etirely her fault – manager, other stuff – but she should do something with that, long time ago.

      One thing is disturbing me – previously, she was accused of using Polish National Stadium in Warsaw in her music video “Swish”, without permission. Now she is copying Polish artist. If there is anyone in her managment team that is guilty – I’m 100% sure, he/she is a Pole 😀

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