Katy Perry’s Surprise Female Guest Might Be Rihanna

January 23, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Rihanna might join Katy Perry on stage during her Super Bowl halftime performance.

Katy admitted Lenny Kravitz is just one of several guest stars rocking next week’s Super Bowl halftime show – the other a female – and now there’s major speculation it’s Rihanna.

Hip-hop’s latest troublemakers, Rae Sremmurd, threw a gallon of gasoline onto an open flame when they openly blabbed to Rap Up about Rihanna’s alleged appearance.

“Rae and Rih 2015. Check us out Super Bowl. Super Bowl hint hint. We gon’ come out the floor. There gon’ be flames – we gon be flippin then all the girls goin crazy. It’s gon’ be screaming. It’s gon’ be bottles popping. It’s gon’ be Bud Light Platinum drinks. … And we’ll be kissing.””

At least I think that’s what they said.

See it at 1:44.

Katy and Rihanna are best buddies, so the idea of a collaboration isn’t surprising, however it IS completely blowing my mind and I cannot contain myself. Excuse me while I fangirl for a moment and jump up and down in my apartment while my cat stares at me (stop ******* staring at me!) because a surprise appearance from Rihanna during Katy’s halftime show is history making. Plus, what a great way for Rihanna to kick off her next era?!

Then again, is Katy Perry really one to share the spotlight? Ugh she’s probably having TLC instead.

Are you here for a Katy Perry / Rihanna performance?