Katy Perry's Royal Revolution Perfume Ad Seems Slightly Offensive

In an effort to save time during her Prismatic world tour, Katy Perry hired an artist to illustrate her new Royal Revolution perfume ad as a warrior queen saving poor defenseless women from turning into clones of other poor defenseless women.

In the clip, Katy’s character gets outnumbered by an army of men and taken to a chamber where she’ll transform into a brainless droid. She cleverly outsmarts the male evil villain with her wit? No. Charm? No. Her perfume! And a dagger.

In the end, all the women she freed run across the hill back home to their husbands – who probably moved on already.

It’s kind of giving me sexist teas. Especially the promo picture where she’s standing behind a man. I think I found my thesis topic.

Watch below: